P r o t o t y p e 1

Head: Backstop V1
Torso: Alpine V2
Arms: Gung Ho V11
Waist: ?
Legs: Sagat V1
Boots: Duke V1

P r o t o t y p e 2

Head: Tunnel Rat V8
Entire Body: Duke V26

F I N A L 3

Entire Figure: Sgt Bazooka V3
Gun: Dynamite, Sgt. Savage
Ammo Belt: SSgt Rock and Roll V9

Third time is the charm. I have always wanted this style of Kwinn to be released. I was never really happy with the winter version of Kwinn either. Although, I did attempt to use the headsculpt and cut off the hood. I just didn't like the results.

My first prototype was an old one I started a few years ago before the 25th anniversary line was introduced. I kinda like the direction this fig was going. I'm still quite fond of the ARAH customs, so I may someday finish him with some paint.

My second prototype occurred when I had buyer's remorse buying Duke V26. I rationalized the purchase for the JUMP jet. However when I finished puttying him and painting, I simply did not like the figure's lankiness. He was just too thin.

So that left me with my final version. Although Sgt Bazooka is quite tall, he is also built exactly like I wanted my Kwinn figure to look.

Bazooka's mustache came off with a very sharp scalpel. His hair is scratch built with putty and time. I tried to achieve a Beatles mop top look, just like the comics.

His shirt was transformed with more miliput and patience.

His legs were relatively easy to do. I built up the shorts and boots with miliput and then painted them.

The gun and ammo belt needed a correct paint job. I chose the Sgt Savage Machine gun as it looked older and more primitive than Roadblock's Browning.

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