Head: Deep Six
Body: Comic Pack Destro
Webgear and Scarf: Resolute Destro
Goggles: Comic Pack Firefly
Backpack & Grenades: Viper

I made a character I swore I would never make. Not only did I end up liking him; but I also used up parts from two of the worst versions of Destro that I thought I would never, ever have any use for.

Hindsight is 20/20. In retrospect I hated most of the "New Sculpt" figures from Joe vs. Cobra and Spytroops and Valor vs. Venom. The proportions were waaaay off, most of the characters were new, replacing better characters with the same specialities, and had awful, horrible codenames. I bought them anyway of course.

It annoyed me how many Snipers there were all of a sudden. Crosshairs, Barrel Roll, Black Out. I liked the idea of Black Out but thought his figure was ridiculous looking. When Devil's Due started to flesh out the character and actually did something cool with him, I was pretty happy. I like the concept of two related characters being on opposite sides. Unlike Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow they actually ARE brothers. And thank God they have nothing to do with Ninja(s).

I still did not want to make this character though, even after one of my favorite scenes, where Cobra Commander is evacuating and sends "Mister Stall" ahead to secure his escape route. But even though I wanted to stick with the original continuity and characters (and avoid Spytroops in general) this character was always in the back of my head.

I was messing around with parts last night, trying to find a use for Resolute Destro's armor, when the parts just sort of came together.

I like the blue much better, He feels more like a Cobra now. The Scarf fits perfect since it's made to go on the same mold that Resolute Destro recycled. If I locate the other Blue Destro figures I hid away in a box somewhere I may make a few more of these as Cobra Special Ops Soldiers or something. I have an excuse to get more Shockwaves now.

Like Dr. Knox, this character finally feels like an official part of Cobra (and the G.I. Joe line in general) to me. I may have to make Barrel Roll now.

Bombstrike is pushing it though.

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