Body: Destro V7

Head: Roadblock V10

In my Joeverse, Alexander McCullen is the son of Destro and Lilian Osbourne. Lilian was a chief aide to James McCullen. When Lady Cisarovna entered James' life, he seemed to disappear. Before he left, he liquidated all his assets and abandoned Lilian never knowing she was pregnant. Alexander McCullen was born in near poverty in the Midland Valley of Scotland; he was raised by a single mother who never spoke about his father.

As a teenager, Alexander began to seek out information about his father's identity. He researched his family history and became obsessed with proving himself to his long lost father. James took Alexander in and gave him a possition in his new operation, M.A.R.S. (Military Armament Research Syndicate). After a long probation period, Destro gives Alexander a mask, formally naming him heir to the Destro legacy.

Please bear in mind, most of my customs are LBC. I don't paint very well, so I pick parts that go good together with little or no paint.

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