Head and Webgear: Pyramid of Darkness DVD
Body: 25th Anniversary 5-Pack

I am officially sick of Snake-Eyes. I do not want to do another Custom of him.


But of course when I get the new 25th 5-Pack version, and then when the Hall Of Heroes version comes out that'll probably change and I'll be scrambling to make my definitive version of Snake-Eyes.


I love this head, but it just looked horrible in purple and that DVD version of him had huge hands and feet which made him look cartoony. Maybe that's what they were going for, I dunno... But if I want a cartoony looking Version II Snake-Eyes, I'll buy the Combat Heroes one, ok Hasbro? Thank you.

Overall I want to like this. It feels like I'm looking at an updated Version II Snake-Eyes. Which is what I wanted.

But unfortunately after watching Pyramid Of Darkness..... This 2nd Snake-Eyes will forever be tainted. I cannot look at this figure without seeing the scene of him coming out of Satin's van wearing a bad 80's wig and a Boy George hat.

And let's not forget the break dancing... Actually I'd really like to. But it just won't go away.

I like Version I Snake-Eyes much better. In the Comic and on the first mini-series. Goggles versus some bizzare, knight-looking visor? Goggles win, hands down.

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