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Head: Hit & Run

Arms: Ace v1

Torso: Cutter v2

Waist: not sure but i was going for one that looked like Hit & Run's

Legs: Falcon v1

Gun: Frostbite

Backpack: Dusty v2

Tracker is the Joe big game hunter, a dead eye who can hit a boar moving at break neck speed at over 2000 meters.

Thanks to Tracker, Joes can enjoy such treats as quail, pheasant, elk, deer, bear, you name it, when on missions.

And when needed Tracker can pluck off a cobra or two when it's needed.

"If it wasn't for Tracker, we'd be eating canned beans and crickets on missions, I love that son of a buck!" - Alpine

Tracker gave me the inspiration for Blood Bath

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