Head: Cobra Legions
Body: Comic Pack Deep Six

Really needed to set my Cobra Divers up with some kind of vehicle- Broke out my Night Spector and started pulling off any of the ugly decals that mentioned G.I. Joe.

Used some leftover Rattler, Fire Bat, Awe Striker And Fang stickers to tweak it out. I'm thinking of calling it the Cobra Kraken. Or maybe the Manta Ray. I'm staying away from the name "Sting Raider".

I then needed a driver for this thing.

I first stuck a black Viper head from the Fang and Claw two pack. Then I realized how it reminded me of the Legions Cobra Commander sine it was the same colors. Swapped that out, really liked the way it looked with the Diving Suit colors.

I can see Cobra Commander wearing some type of heavy armored suit like this while everyone else is in regular wetsuits. The fact that's it's stolen from a Joe design is even better.

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