Head and body: Marvel Universe Silver Surfer
Feet: SHS Namor

Dr. Jon Osterman was caught in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor that turned him into the blue skinned, quantum/nuclear super powered hero Doctor Manhattan. He was recruited by the government to help carry out the policies and goals of the United States. From the Russians to the VC to the Cubans and now Cobra, Dr. Manhattan is protecting the interests of the United States and keeping us red, white, and Blue!

After seeing the movie I had to make this character. I've seen a bunch of customs of him using Microman or SHS Silver Surfer figures. After seeing the Marvel U figure all I could think of was Dr. Manhattan. I painted the figure blue with Tamiya clear blue and dremeled the symbol into his forehead. The feet took the longest t add and keep the articulation. I considered making him comic and movie accurate, but if a guy can change everything around him including his skin color you'd think he'd be able to protect his package from getting caught in machinery.

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