Head-Breaker v1 (lint fuzz flocked beard and hair)
Torso-A-team 3 3/4 in figure
Arms-Cobra Stinger Driver v1
Waist-Breaker v1
Legs-Airborne v1

Gun- Indian Jones pistol
Holster-duct tape and elastic

Jetpack-25th Cobra air trooper, back pack strap from A-team pack and handles from Ripper (comic pack) backpack
Helmet-hollowed out Tonka figure

Vulture-Michael's bald eagle toy

One more member of my ARAH version Adventure Team figures. In order to capture the true feel of the character, I created a jetpack and removable helmet for the figure. I also created a vulture to emulate the Vulture Attack version. Yes, I created the vulture. It was originally a bald eagle from Michael's that I modified and repainted to look like a vulture. Since the Adventure Team Action set I created was made from a Vamp and Wave Crusher, Air Adventurer just stands on the back. When he needs to he can grab his jetpack and helmet and take to the skies to scout ahead.

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