Head: Flint 01
Chest: Repeater 88
Arms: Spearhead 88
Waist: Recondo 88
Left thigh: Viper 03
Right thigh: Scoop 89
Feet: Dial-Tone 86

Helmet: Duke 01
Rifle: M-16 Winter Operation
Backpack: Unknown

Code name: Short-Wave
File Name: Rust, Brian T
P.M.S: Telecommunication expert
S.M.S: Electronic warfare
Birthplace: Rhode Island, Pawtucket
Grade: 0-3 (Captain)
S.N: B01-T9-R216

Short-Wave's father owned an electronic repair shop & at the age of 8 every weekend Short-Wave could be found in the back repairing radio's for his father. At 10 years of age he built a radio from spare parts, which could pick up transmissions from Russia. At 16 he had built a radio that could pick up F.B.I, C.I.A, N.S.A & military transmissions. At 17 General Hawk caught wind of his abilities & as the F.B.I was getting an arrest warrant to bring him in but General Hawk got to him first.
And the rest is history

General Hawk files:
Short-Wave is one of the new members of a new unit that I have commissioned since all the other units are busy his abilities are needed for this new unit called Beach-Head's Brigade & I have faith in his abilities & to get the job done

Other members to join Beach-Head's Brigade are
Sorepoint (sniper)
Zap or Salvo (anti-armour)
Short-Fuze or downtown (mortars)
Grunt (infantry)
Dogtags (combat medic)
Steeler (tank commander)
Kane (rifleman)
Fizzle (demolition)
Backblast (air defense artillery)

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