Head: Rock & Roll 89
Chest: Rock & Roll 89
Arms: Repeater 88
Waist: Low-light 89
Left thigh: Mutt 84
Right thigh: Tunnel-Rat 87
Feet: Rock & Roll 87

Machine Gun: S.A.W Viper
Backpack: Big Ben

Code name: Rock & Roll
File Name: McConnell, Craig S
P.M.S: Heavy machine gunner
S.M.S: Infantry
Birthplace: Malibu, California
Grade: E-5
S.N: RA 989-09-1452

Rock & Roll is the only figure in the GI Joe toy line hasn't been in a unit part from Super Sonic Fighters & even that was a rubbish that just me. So I though I would put the figure into my own Beach-Head's Brigade team & the figure looks really good.

General Hawk files:
Rock & Roll is one of the oldest members of our force & is loved by every one here. As the others heavy machine gunner in our force are busy Rock & Roll was the only guy left on the base missing the action he wouldn't say he was so. I was going to ask Beach-Head who he wanted as the H.M.G in the unit they was a knock on my door & Rock & Roll walked in & said he wanted to be part of this new unit I took one look at him & said your in. From what I hear Rock & Roll is loving being in Beach-Head's Brigade.

Other members to join Beach-Head's Brigade are
Sorepoint (sniper)
Zap or Salvo (anti-armour)
Short-Fuze or downtown (mortars)
Grunt (infantry)
Dogtags (combat medic)
Steeler (tank commander)
Kane (rifleman)
Fizzle (demolition)
Backblast (air defense artillery)

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