Head: Zanzibar
Torso/arms/waist/upper thighs: Dr Mindbender
Knees: Trip Wire
Lower legs: Tracker

Guitar: casting
Remote: Toxo Viper

Dr Axebender

It is unclear what inspired the creation of Dr Axebender. It is thought that perhaps the good doctor desired to exercise his artistic side, or perhaps live out a forgotten childhood fantasy. At any rate, a chance encounter in a Sydney pub led to the creation of one of the more endearing members of Operation:Mindcrime - Dr Axebender. Combining the DNA with AC/DC's Angus Young resulted in a spitfire of rock n roll energy, sneering and duck walking through the lab, often just riffing over and over. And over. He has a tendency to remove his clothes in impromptu stripteases, often to the amusement of the other clones.

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