Head & hands: 25A Roadblock (head modified)
Torso & arms: 25A Serpentor
Legs: 25A Destro (1st version)
Trenchcoat: Cyclops from Wolverine animated line


After completing Wilder Vaughn and Dela Eden, this figure was inevitable. I considered doing the figure in a uniform without a trenchcoat, but the look is really to crucial to character to not include it.

Once I saw the trenchcoat on the animated Cyclops figure, the ball started rolling. All of the parts are from the largest of the 25A figures to give a real sense of bulk to the figure.

Even more than my Dela Eden custom, this figure is closer to being a statue than a figure. The head is glued to the neck. The arms are now in a fixed position at the elbow. Given the "frozen" sculpt position of the wind-swept trenchcoat, it doesn't really matter too much that the figure can't be moved.


As all of the body parts have a "bodysuit" feel to them, I used a darker red than on the trenchcoat parts. To break up the "Cyclops" look a bit, I painted the interior of the trenchcoat slate to give it a double-sided look.


Although it was tempting to just use a slightly modified Serpentor head, I opted to use a Roadblock head. That required some work. The Roadblock head is very round and has no nose bridge. I carved away the baby fat areas to create the appearance of high cheek bones and a leaner face. I added mass to the nose bridge, but still made it look flat- like a boxer's nose. I also added ears- careful to make them look like the "cauliflower ears" that wrestlers used to get. The goatee was also added.

As for the arms, painting the Serpentor arms wouldn't have looked bulky enough to work with the trenchcoat, so the arms were given sleeves. The sleeves are made out of masking tape. I learned from the mistakes I made designing a labcoat for a GI Jane custom. On Artur Kulik, the sleeve material starts at the bottom of the shoulder, allowing for the upper arm articulation to still work. Because the Roadblock hands are so awkward, the arms were posed to specific "gun holding" positions before being wrapped with tape. The tape looks better than cloth or vinyl in my opinion, but it can't be flexed at the elbows without tearing.

Special thanks to Anlaschog for providing me with profile images of Kulik's tattoos.

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