All: 25th Blowtorch

Gasmask:Cut and Dremeled Goggles off, Rit dyed black.
Goggles: Cobra Para-Viper

Always wanted Blowtorch to have clear goggles. I noticed recently when I watched one of the DVD's that he had the black air mask and goggles, so I set out to try and replicate that here.

I bought two Blowtorches, mainly because I figured I wouldn't be able to find him again, and I knew I would want to experiment on one of them.

I tried rit dyeing one of his backpacks as well, but it didn't take to the plastic very good. Oh well. I really don't care what color his pack is anyway.

I threw in a pic of him with the other mask left in it's original colors. If you hate his white visor, but can't bring yourself to cut up his mask; (like me, at first) the Para-Viper goggles will still fit over the helmet, mask and visor without doing any surgery.

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