COIL Trooper

Imagine someone with the combined skills of a ninja, a top-notch computer hacker, a master thief, and an expert cartographer. That's CONSTRICTOR. He's the one the COIL sends in to gather whatever preliminary information is needed before a mission. His stealth and infiltration skills are top of the line. If he needs to hack a computer file, he can do that. If he needs to steal physical information, he can do that. If he needs to draw a map or diagram of an intended target, he can do that. His uniform appears to be a minimal variant on the typical COIL Trooper, but it's laced with detection dampening technology superior even to Cobra''s Python Patrol. His COIL emblem appears to be faded somehow, but Constrictor will claim that it's merely a darker shade than the bright gold of most COIL Troopers. Between that and the black trim of his uniform, also trading out the gold, Constrictor is one who likes to stay as unnoticed as possible in the midst of his work.

Constrictor is dedicated to the COIL and to Overlord (and to the money he's paid), but surprisingly, he's not as vicious as the usual types the G.I.Joe Team has to deal with. He has a good sense of humor, and dislikes being involved in direct combat. He'd rather find more technological and less violent ways to accomplish an objective, despite formidable one-on-one fighting skills. As much as anything, he's involved with the COIL because of the challenge it presents to his wide range of skills, and he regards the COIL as a more reasonable organization than Cobra, and not tied down by "government interference" like the G.I.Joe Team.

"I'm the one who starts to constrict the COIL around you!"


This figure is the result, as much as anything, of a moderate salvage operation. One of my COIL Troopers, the one I kept on most prominent display, had his COIL insignia start to fade. I'm not sure why. Possibly just because he was handled a bit more than the others. The insignia was far too small and intricate for me to attempt to repaint satisfactorily by hand, and most of the ideas I had for replacing or modifying it didn't suit me very well, either. And I didn't want to just discard the figure. I needed to come up with a character who was affiliated with the COIL, but could also justify the faded look of the emblem. I couldn't quite bring myself to just paint over it. Finally, after a very long time of consideration, I came up with Constrictor. I realize he's a fairly basic custom, but I hope you like the character idea.

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