Head - Baroness v9 (despite what some other JoeLovers have to say, I still love this head, at least until a better one comes along!)
Torso, Upper Arms, Waist - 25th Scarlett
Lower Arms, Hips and Legs - Serafina Pekkala
Clothing - Various

The Baroness is most well-known for her skin-tight black Cobra catsuit - however, when away from the Terror Drome, her at-home wardrobe is much more versatile than most people think (as can be seen in the attached photos).

Who would have ever thought that The Baroness' pajamas were lavender with matching bunny slippers?!

Seriously, though ... I do prefer my Baronesses in all black. This custom does allows me to change her clothing, though, or keep her "bare" for some of my more interesting dio-work: she is anatomically correct under that "censored" bar.

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