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head: Zandar (modified)

arms: Backblast

torso: Monkeywrench

waist: Hit & Run

legs: Falcon v1

knife: Slaughter's Mauraders

gun: BBI

backpack: Spirit

name: Sole, William S.L.

specialty: Jungle Ops.

secondary: Tracker

Billy is of the Seminole tribe, and grew up in the Everglades of Florida, where some of the great Indian tribe relocated too.

The 1835 Seminole war was the most costly Indian Wars that the US engaged, lasting 8 years, taking the lives of thousands of Seminoles and 1,500 US soldiers, and costing $30 million dollars.

Billy is a Jungle Operative Commando sent out on special missions in Central and South America, usually by the CIA, or Joe.

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