Head: Lifeline 02
Chest: Repeater 88
Arms: Repeater 88
Waist: Tollbooth 85
Left thigh: Mutt
(exclusive figure available only in Europe in 1991)
Right thigh: Outback
Feet: Dial-Tone

Helmet: Leatherneck 01
Backpack: Ally Viper 02
Rifle: Duke 02
Flashlight: Big Brawler 01

Code name: Grunt
File name: Graves, Robert W
P.M.S: Infantry Squad leader
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Grade: E-4
S.N: 789-76-HJ22

It's in the last few months I decided to put Grunt into Beach-head's Brigade because he isn't in any unit as far as I know in the toy line so I thought I would put him into this one. I was going too use Cloudburst chest but Lifeline neck was too long so I scraped that idea & went with Repeater chest & I have to say it suits this custom. I have a few Repeaters but the only good thing about that figure is its chest it almost fits every figure in the toy line.

Grunt was on two months leave & he didn't know that General Hawk had commissioned a new unit until Dial-Tone texted him & told him.
Dial-Tone to Grunt: "Hey man its Dial-Tone I've got some bad news for you"
Grunt replied: "can't it wait until I get back from my leave"
Dial-Tone replied: "it can but I thought you would like to know that you have been put into a new unit"
Grunt replied: "REALLY? About time what is it called"
Dial-Tone replied: "Beach-head is the commander & its called Beach-Head's Brigade"
Grunt replied: "thanks Dial-Tone I our you one"
A few minutes later Grunt texts Beach-Head
Grunt to Beach-Head: Hey Beach well done getting your very own unit"
Beach-Head replied: thanks man but who told you about it"
Grunt replied: Dial-Tone & I'll be honoured to be under your command"
Beach-Head replied: "thanks man"
Grunt replied: "oh before I go what are the main colours for the unit"
Beach-Head replied: "thank you, you are the only one who has asked me. Green, brown & black"
Grunt replied: "nice thanks Beach-Head for that I'll see you when I get back in two weeks"
Beach-Head replied "ok have a good two weeks left".

General Hawk files:
Over the years i wanted to put Grunt into a unit but i just couldn't bring myself to put him in one until now. His abilities are well needed for this new unit to get the job done I have faith in his abilities & i know the others look up to Grunt when things hit the fan.

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