Head - Torch V.1
Torso, Arms - Beach Head V. 2
Leggs - Firefly JvC
Helmet - Staticline Sky Patrol
Motorcycle - Diatsu

Blue Streak was a top mechanic in the NOPI dragracing cycle devision. BlueStreak is said to be one of the most talented mechanics in the NOPI curcuit. He has Masters Degree in quantum mechanics, a former rocket propulsion tech at NASA. He just like making things go fast. He was recruited by Smoke screen to build an sup-up the street machines for the Riverside Roller. He's kind of like a legend in the underground curcuit.
Riverside Rollers: The idea behind this was to reactivate the Street Hawks (on NOS) if you get my meaning. Not your average Cops on wheels but a covert unit that falls under the DEF unit. Their goal is to infiltrate the secret world of street racing and the untold millions of dollars of drug trafficking that go with it. The RR are the baddest dudes on two wheels. They are all former, Motor cycle Cops, Highway patrol and Street Racers. Their common bond..."They like to go real fast."
Recruit by G.I. Joe DEF unit to aid in urban wars on crime, specifically drug trafficking on the riverside under ground street races. The RR lives fast, ride fast and play hard. Their bikes are the fastest on the street and on the street racing circuit. Led by Smoke Screen aka Smoke and his team consisting of Nitro, Blue Streak, Billy Blaze and Jada Lighting.

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