He's basically a repaint of this custom (http://www.joecustoms.co m/customs/customs_specifi c_item.php?kind=figure&am p;id=6959) with new accessories and weapons.

Here's an update of an older fig which you can check out here in my custom list (One-Eyed Jack).

He is the leader of mercenary team. Former Rhodesian armed forces and French Foreign Legion. He's now a freelancer, having started his own business.

One-Eyed Jack has been warmonging in Africa for almost all his life. He's a former French Foreign Legion trooper.

He joined the Legion after the fall of the Rhodesian regime and the birth of Zimbabwe.

He lost his eye in a covert op in Congo. Since then, he became a freelancer. He's currently the leader a small private contractor unit. He has served in South West Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and West Africa (from Sierra Leone to Ivory Coast)...

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