Head - Dollar Store Army Figure
Body - Fox (Corps Figure)

Iron Klaw is power hungry and was the former mastermind and leader of SKAR, the antagonist of G.I. Joe Extreme. His alter ego Count Von Rani was leader of Kalistan.

After G.I. Joe Extreme defeated SKAR, Iron Klaw fled to Kalistan. After years in exile He masterminded a revolution and took over the country.

He then named himself Supreme Chancellor. Now Iron Klaw is aiding COBRA by allowing COBRA to set up TERRORDROMES in Kalistan and use his country as a base of operations.

* As soon as I saw this guy on the shelf I thought of Iron Klaw. It wasn't an easy head swap because his head was bolted to his body. I ended up having to build a head post to attach it to the Corps body.

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