Head - Star Trek Uhura
Torso and arms - Lady Jaye
Legs - MU Modern Ms. Marvel (modded)
Journalist bag - GC Lyra
Mic - Lightsabre handle modded; cord: twisty
Skirt - Darth Maul
Belt - electrical tape
Buckle - misc. plastic, with printed custom new AT logo
Hidden camera on buckle - tip of lightsabre blade.

Cleo Williams is essentially a genius, though she first made a name for herself when she attained modest success as a teenage pop music recording artist. She had no aspirations of making that her career, however, and quickly faded into the lost world of one-hit wonders. She got "lost" from the mainstream world even further when she chose to receive her education in the heart of the Midwest at Indiana University, with the hopes of utilizing that school's strong international studies department.

Cleo graduated at the top of her class, with a wide assortment of major and minor degrees ranging from several foreign language degrees (she is now fluent in at least 7 languages while working to master more), a degree in journalism, and a degree in archaeological studies.

Her ambition did not falter after college, and she quickly turned her journalism degree, her brilliance, her past limited fame, and her beauty (her one trait that might surpass all others) into a field reporter's position at CNN, with a focus on international affairs. Still not content with this job alone, Cleo used her rapidly improving resume to net a syndicated television series which put to use most all of her skills, including her linguistic skills and her archeology training in a series focused on finding lost pieces of history throughout the world. Her show (still in production to this day) is still a huge success and has helped cement her fame which was previously only fleeting in nature.

As if she didn't have enough to fill her plate, Cleo spends her free time maintaining her peak physical condition. She is a skilled diver, martial artist, and has shown to be a quick learner as a marksman as well, in a wide range of firearms. Oftentimes her job takes her to and beyond the boundaries of the law of the nations where she is searching, and oftentimes she must deal with less than savory characters to get what she wants.

What does all this mean? In short, that she was number one on the list of candidates to be recruited by EXCAL's New Adventure Team! Once the new project was greenlighted, Dash Faireborn, aka "Flint", aka the appointed Team Leader of the New Adventure Team, made the recruitment of Cleo Williams his top priority. After some haggling (which includes EXCAL footing the bill for many of her excursions, even when not overtly AT related, and which allows for her to record footage for her show even while on EXCAL/AT sanctioned missions), the deal to add her to the team as an "acquisitions specialist" was sealed. In most instances, it is not even known whether Cleo is on assignment or not, as she operates in much the same way as she would be doing anyway. So it really was a no-brainer for her, especially in light of the higher cause she is now fighting for.

With her given name, and with many of her past archaeological successes having come from the field of Egyptology, it is no surprise that this new Adventure Team agent has been assigned the code name: Cleopatra.

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