Clone Trooper head
Henry Jones coat
Shipwreck (or Spirit) torso
black vinyl for tie
Destro Upper arms
SW Palpatine lower arms?
Serpentor upper legs
Movie Deadpool lower legs
SW Padme glass

Hello, Bruce? It's Ollie. Say, I just got my hands on this month's Sword in Stone... You're not going to be pleased. That Parker kid they have writing for them, either he's a lot sharper than I gave him credit for, or this was just a bad coincidence. I've talked to Col. Jameson, and he assured me that these were two different assignments, not any kind of cohesive story. Still...

By PFC Peter Parker, Special to Sword in Stone

NEW YORK - By reputation, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is usually not one to be confused with the most socially conscious of men in the world. Certainly not when viewed in contrast to the renowned philanthropy of his deceased father, Dr. Thomas Wayne. And certainly not when that reputation is gleaned from a quick review of the Gotham tabloids. His reputation would typically cause an eye-roll for most casual observers of his young career, if you can call being born into one of the wealthiest families in American history a "career." Yet, most casual observers would not appreciate that under the younger Wayne's guidance, Wayne Enterprises reached heights never before reached, in terms of both profit, and actual hands-on success. By all accounts, the technologies developed by the mega-corp after Bruce Wayne took the reigns became some of the most reliable, useful and cost efficient cutting edge products on the global market.

So maybe it's still not shocking that a man of Wayne's stature might have picked up some business acumen to go along with his apparent knowledge of the phone numbers for every Victoria's Secret model, and a handful of available Hollywood A-list leading ladies to boot. Maybe it's not shocking that a man whose entire life has been molded by the weight of a billion dollar legacy might have learned ways to protect that very existence. But what might be shocking, is that a man with this apparent reputation, the playboy with the silver spoon, the all-night parties and the open bar might lay it all on the line, his personal and business success, his personal and family legacy, and in fact his own very existence, to essentially accomplish one of the greatest social, global, and political missions in history.

Meet Bruce Wayne, Executive Director of EXCAL, a beacon of light for the free world (that half of the world not under the oppression of tyranny, terror, and the rule of those who would dominate free will worldwide, if only given the chance). Yes, this perceived partying playboy has vested the entirety of Wayne Enterprises' technology development corp. (the heart of the Wayne conglomerate's holdings) to EXCAL, so that the fine freedom fighters, scientists, and conservators of that fine organization might gain a foothold in the battle for freedom and justice in the world. But more than simply transferring his holdings, Mr. Wayne has invested himself, as he serves as the Director of Military Operations Development, a vague title with little clarity in terms of his actual day to day dealings. Nevertheless, Wayne's commitment to EXCAL's mission cannot be denied, and his financial investment in the organization (along with the investments of other members of the Forbes' 500 - Oliver Queen, Clark Savage, Jr., and if rumors hold true, Tony Stark) have helped establish the organization as a heavy hitter in anti-terror operations throughout the world.

(see Batman's post for the continuation of this article)

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