Head and feet are from the V.2 style 25th SS. Thighs I cannot recall, but the rest is from the Indiana Jones Cairo Swordsman. Accessories and waist pouches come from the 25th comic packs, the bow is vintage. Sword from marauderinc.com.

Basically, my only goal was to update the original V.2 SS to modern construction and give him some extra umphh - some articulation was sacrificed for the aesthetic value, which I gave the premium to... and because I was just to lazy to figure out how to modify a totally different toy so it would work like the body should. I did my best to cover any obvious marks that would interfere with suspension of disbelief. The body was grafted so the torso does not really move. The tattoo is a waterslide decal and the head had to have a ball joint grafted on from a donor Joe since the one that came on the torso was much too large.

Disruptive camo has been around for longer than I have. I've always had a general distaste for it, but I'm slowly warming up to the idea and now I want to do the Rock Viper in a kind of M90 camo.

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