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Head, Goggles: SpyTroops Blackout
Torso: Comic Pack Scrap Iron
Arms legs, Waist: V1 White Out

I have been working on converting the original characters created in the spy troops and Valor vs Venom era figures into figures in the RAH style. I have done a number of the new characters as green shirts, but for Blackout I really wanted to do something close to the original style.

I cut the new sculpt head half ball down to a 84 style peg, which is really quite easy to do, certainly less difficult than putting the head on a peg ball for the 1985 and older figures neck ball style torsos.

He's RIT dyed black. As I was about to put the silver highlights on the black dyed figure, I stopped, and decided that I liked him exactly as is. Why would a sniper wear a lot of bright silver anyway?

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