Head- SDCC Cobra Commander
Body- Star Wars Draco figure

Crown and Sword-Montezuma's Skeleton (jewels added to crown)
Laser pistol-Cobra five pack Zartan

Thrown Room:
Chair- Cobra Terror Drome and piece from Serpentor Charriot.
Wall- McFarlane's Frankenstein playset (hole filed with plaster of paris}
Floor-Cobra Battle bunker
Accessories- random sources.

I used the body of the SDCC Cobra Commander to create the Mahogany custom and the head of Draco for another custom. I did not want to waste the figure and was trying to figure out a good way to use it. While working on another custom, I discovered how well the crown from Montezuma fit well on SDCC Cobra Commander's head. I knew at that point what I would do with it. I repainted the armor parts on the figure gold and repainted the crown with the same paint to match. I add some small jems to the crown also. I painted the cloth a flat black color on the body and the arms in a metallic silver to similate chainmail. The sword was repainted aswell to make it look more realistic.

Once the figure was finished, it seemed bland. If Cobra Commander was to be a King, he would need a thrown room. Using random pieces that I had lying around I created a Thrown Room for Cobra Commander, or King Cobra.

After years of failed attempts to take over the world Cobra Commander began looking into history's past rules. He discovered that there had been several key items which had helped the greatest rules gain power. While reading about Charlemagne's Empire, he discovered that part of his success is connected to an ancient artifact, the Spear of Destiny. Cobra Commander used all of his resources to seek out the artifact and finally discovered it deep in the heart of the Antartic buried in an anicient ocean buried under ice. Several agents had lost their lives retrieving the Spear of Destiny.
After Cobra Commander had the Spear of Destiny in his grasp he went after the next artifact. A blue diamond, the rarest and largest blue diamond ever known. Located deep in the forests of Africa, the blue diamond was believed to hold mystical powers which protected the possessor of it. Elite spies and thieves were sent to steel the artifact. With the Spear of Destiny and Blue Diamond, Cobra Commander started his campaign of world domination. He first sent his forces to Russia and after several months of battle, Cobra Commander siezed control of the Kremlin and set up his seat of power there. Once Russia fell, the rest of the Eastern hemisphere feel easily. Cobra Commander dropped the name Commander and took the identity of King Cobra.

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