Head, arms, waist, legs- Range Viper 90
Torso- Alpine 85
AK-74 and machete- Marauder Inc.
Backpack- Spearhead 88

Bushmaster was once a child soldier with anti-government forces fighting in the jungles of Angola. Growing up in the bush, he learns guerilla warfare, fighting with nothing more than what he can get his hands on. His uncanny skill in improvised munitions is both remarkable and frightening. An incredibly gifted tracker and hunter, he learned how to forage and survive under the harshest of conditions, all while evading the enemy. Upon adulthood, he spent time as a mercenary in conflicts throughout Africa and the Middle East, eventually catching the attention of COBRA. Hired originally as a survival instructor for the Range Vipers, he is soon given their command after the mysterious death of the previous Range Viper commander, SKULLBUSTER, in a field training exercise. A very vicious and brutal man who believes deeply that only the strong survive and will not hesitate to do what is necessary to maintain the survival of himself and his troops. Speaks 6 languages, an expert marksman, and a skilled medic.

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