Head - BnB Chavo Gurerro
Torso, Upper Leggs - 25th Shipwreck
Right arm, Lower left arm,Lower leggs - 25th Ripper
Web Gear Chap Mei
Shot Gun - BBI

Diablo - Louis Montoya was born in Mexico and grew up in Miami, Fl.
As a kid Louis would get into a lot of fights in school and in the neighborhood.
He eventually joined a local gang and was given the name El Diablo, because it was said that when he fought he fought like the Devil. (Dirty) Diablo during a fight with a rival gang crossed paths with none other than Zartan who had been looking for some new talent to add to the Dreadnoks. Diablo liked what Zartan had to offer and joined the "Noks" and sealed the deal with a tattoo on his right shoulder. Diablo had finally mad it to the big time, no more, petty crime or turf wars. However after loosing several encounters with a Joe team known only as the Hunters (a group of Joe Bounty Hunters in my Joe verse watch for them) and having to retreat each time Diablo became unhappy with the Dreadnoks and wanted out. "I'm tired of being a looser I'd be better off with G.I. Joe". That didn't go well with Zartan at all, he immediately ordered Diablo terminated. Fortunately the Hunters found him before Zartan, Diablo asked to join the Joes and after some intense screening was sent to Sgt. Slaughter to become a part of the Renegades. Diablo never forgot the execution order from Zartan and is looking for some payback when the time comes.

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