25th RnR head (painted for better tan)
25th Torpedo base fig
25th TF Flint lower arms (or Spirit's?)
BnB Umaga Feet
SHS Silver Surfer Board

TO: Knighthawk, PKM
FROM: Agent Vesper
VIA: Secure Transmission

Dearest Tristan, I thought you, or at least your large friend ("Roadblock" I believe you called him?), might be interested in learning of an encounter I've recently had whilst snorkeling off the coast of Aruba. I ran into a rather striking American there, with brilliant blonde hair and blue eyes. Strangely, he also had a full beard despite quite obviously a fan of soaking up the sun. In any event he said he was there on "vacation", which I knew was not true from a mere hour of observation. Though I do not doubt that he took enjoyment out of surfing and establishing the vacation as his cover, it was clear that he was out of place (as was I) and that there was more to his story than having fun, which he simply was not having enough of for a true vacation.

In any event, I used some of my best investigative skills (no worries love, not those skills) to determine he was formerly in the U.S. Military, and I determined his name to be Craig S. McConnel. Upon returning to my hotel, I was able to access some information on him via MI5, specifically that he had once been a member of the G.I.Joe unit.

I remember you telling me how you had some connections there before you got involved with EXCAL, and I also remember you saying that all the surviving men from that unit had been accounted for, with the rest presumed dead. Well, this might be one less dead friend, which I can only assume is of great joy to you and "Roadblock" who I realized was of much more direct association with the 'Joes' from the files I reviewed.

When I learned who my new friend really was, I set about to determine his real reasons for being in Aruba. He really was there to surf - but as you can see from the photos I am sending, I found it a bit odd that someone might surf under cover of darkness, while fully armed, no less. The next day I decided to take a gamble and confront Mr. McConnel with who I was and what I knew of him, and he came clean. Turns out he believes there to be an underwater passageway into the fortress we still today know as Cobra Island, and he has just begun a recon of this theory. He said he has a strong reason to believe that many (not just some, but "many") of his friends might have been held captive these last few years on the island, even while you all were led to believe in their deaths. I thought this was information you needed, and quite honestly I owed you one for helping to shake James off of my trail most recently.

Best Regards,
Vesper/// end transmission.

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