Head, Lower Arms, Skirt: Count Dooku
Torso, Upper Arms: Breaker
Thighs: Ace
Lower Legs: Torch
Cape: Swamp Rat
Staff: Red Ninja
Crystal Ball: Crystal Marble

Crystal Ball is part of my S.P.O.O.K.S. storyline. Inspired by the Impel 1991 trading card which says Crystal Ball was Trapped in Cobra La. I ran with that idea. So Crystal Ball is trapped in Chomo Lungma (Cobra La) for many years and survives with a hand full of others. So what to do while your trapped with buggy and undead types? How about learn more about your magic and explore new magics as he goes. With his seventh son of the seventh son thing going on its a snap for him to master many forms of Magic, including Necromancy. So now he can see visions, cast spells raise the dead, summon spirits and so on..

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