Head and Legs: Cobra Trooper with Stinger Driver's helmet

Torso and Arms, Vest and Backpack: Viper from Cobra C.L.A.W. and Cobra F.A.N.G. two-pack

Dog: Not sure, I believe it is from Corps Police. Harness and leash are made from the armour of the Corps Space Horses

Weapon: Flint disguised as Cobra

When you hear of Cobra using dogs, you think: No way! Cobra Commander dislikes all kinds of lesser beings (except snakes) and despises having them around him. Well, you're right. Therefore Dogs being used by Cobra would remain being unheard of, if it weren't for Destro. Where Cobra Commander fails to see the use of dogs, Destro sees every tactical advantage that comes with them, and Destro is a man that never lets any tactical resources go to waste.

As dogs can be used for many things, depending on what training they get thanks to their sensitive noses and good hearing, Destro founded the project of the Cobra K-9 Troopers. Each trooper trains with his own assigned dog, for which he is required to care for and maintain discipline. Despite what one may think, no dog is mistreated, because Destro goes by a rule that he had once heard from an Eskimo: "A man who whips his dog will one day find himself pulling his own sled." And while a Cobra soldier is replaceable, an expensively trained dog is not. Therefore while the dog does what it is trained to do, it is up to the dog-handler to determine what kind of situation he is being led to.

Since a dog cannot tell if the track it is following leads to a trap, it will never be punished when the trap is sprung. The dog-handler on the other hand will be if he failed to see all the signs. Fortunately for that trooper, the punishment will never become that severe, since it requires extra costly training to team up the dog with a new master, so it is preferably avoided. Should the trooper on the other hand loose his dog by careless acts or if he should mistreat it, that privilege is then annulled. Destro makes sure that everybody becomes aware of that, so that they will never dare to take a chance. It is strange though to hear of a Cobra unit where the dog actually comes first - every time.

Personal comments:

Ever since I read it in the G.I. Joe Reloaded comics, I do not find it impossible at all that Cobra could use dogs to track their prey. But I did really resent that when the dog was led into a trap set by Beach-head, the troopers in that issue put all the blame on the poor creature and -ugh- had it killed. That's why I in this profile I put up a really strong point through Destro that dogs shall remain free from all blame. And I actually do not believe the Destro we know would be beyond that.

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