Capt. Gridiron torso
W.O.R.M.S. arms
Buzzer lower legs
random crotch/upper legs/head
satchel made from binocs
Magic Sculpt used on all parts but arms
Gung Ho v2 sword

Saved the day on day 2 of Gettysburg. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (September 8, 1828 - February 24, 1914) was an American college professor from the State of Maine, who volunteered during the American Civil War to join the Union Army. Although having no earlier education in military strategies, he became a highly respected and decorated Union officer, reaching the rank of brigadier general (and brevet major general). For his gallantry at Gettysburg, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was given the honor of commanding the Union troops at the surrender ceremony for the infantry of Robert E. Lee's Army at Appomattox, Virginia.

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