Entire figure: 25th DVD Pack Roadblock (modified)

This was definitely outside my box. I'm not in zombies and gore, and I usually keep to my own happy little universe. But I did this one for Good to Go's monthly contest in October last year, which was hosted by JFAK and was based on his End of Days universe. The idea of the Dead End Virus intrigued me so I entered. At the time, the only 25th fodder I had lying around was a DVD pack Roadblock, so I decided to make him into Lt. Claymore, using "The Traitor Part 2" as my basis. I had a lot of fun ravaging this figure. My favorite feature...it's a toss-up between the hanging eyeball and the accidental bloody hand print on his shirt.

His story:
In the wake of the rapid spread of the Dead End Virus, Dr. Mindbender began designing a serum to counteract the effects. Early experiments were promising, halting the progress of the virus but not reversing it. In spite of the drug's imperfect results, Cobra Commander was eager to grasp at every opportunity to keep his troops from being totally taken over by the runaway virus, and ordered Lt. Claymore's unit to be the first to be immunized. Just days later, that unit was surprised by a horde of zombies while patrolling. Only Claymore escaped, alive but wounded and half-blinded. As for the rest, the virus reanimated their dead bodies, only for them to succumb, one by one, to death again as the virus and serum clashed. He felt the same battle raging inside his own body and, in his book, dying and staying dead might have been better. The virus was probing for a foothold, seeking out his nervous system and mostly failing, thanks to the serum. Fighting the fog creeping into his brain, Lt. Claymore hoped the gangrenous infection spreading from his wounds would be enough to make the zombies leave him alone, but not get him killed when he finally found help.

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