Head: Resolute Duke (modified)
Torso, Arms: 25A Firefly
Upper legs: 25A Crimson Guard
Lower legs: 25A Torch
Armor: Star Wars Baron Fel

Design & paint:

It took me months to work up a Baron Ironblood design that pleased me. The original design of the character sported a mostly-white outfit, obviously as a "mad scientist" look. It works, but sometimes a down & dirty dark uniform is more outright menacing. The paint scheme is also nearly identical to my custom Wilder Vaughn/Black Major- charcoal grey with black gear and touches of red.

To make the Resolute Duke head look older I painted liver spots, age lines, and dark areas under the eyes. I hadn't done any of this aging work before, but it turned out very nicely.

The Baron Fel armor, with the Red Shadows logo added, pulls the design together.

I opted to not attempt any helmets for the figure. The original helmet, which looked like a welder's mask, didn't need to be revisited.

Modifying & Sculpting:

I toyed with doing a long-haired version, but decided to stay closer to the original figure. The Resolute Duke head had the right hair, but needed a goatee. To make the head different from my custom Wilder Vaughn figure, I gave Ironblood a much wider goatee with a less pointed tip.

The outer portion of the hip joints had to be opened up slightly to accommodate the upper legs.

Thanks for looking.

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