Head- Duke
Torso and Arms- Hiss Driver
Legs- Torch

Mask-Zartan's Duke disguise
Gear- Ripper's belt and harness. Lady Jaye's backpack (modified)
Guns- Shotgun and MP5K BBI
Handguns- unknown
Prytool-unknown source

Main body and head- Duke with pieces from Deadite figure.
Legs- Cobra Soldier along with deadite pieces

Accessories-Dukes right arm and Scarlet head

I never like to waste pieces. Specter was made out of extra pieces from other customs. I liked the idea of a Zombie outbreak survivalist and once finished with Specter I began working on a Zombie figure. I cut out specific sections from an Army of Darkness Deadite figure then cut out matching areas on Duke's head, body and arm. Other pieces were cut away for the legs also. Epoxy filled in small gaps.
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------
Specter's Bio and Journal
Name: Marshall, Kyle
Codename: Specter
Ex-Army Ranger and avid hunter, survivalist, and zombie outbreak
Specter is a trained survivalist and uses those skills to survive in a world plagued by a zombie outbreak. Knowing that his survival depends upon his equipment he uses only the best. He is armed with a Mossberg 12gauge shotgun (modified with an extended magazine) that holds four more rounds then the standard shotgun. Along with the shotgun, he is armed with a Heckler and Koch 9mm MP5K, Glock 9mm pistol, Colt 1911 45 caliber magnum and 150lb draw Crossbow. Being a combat trained survivalist Specter carries several knives along with a Paratech Hooligan tool. The Hooligan tool is useful in opening up locked doors, moving heavy objects and delivering crushing blows to the heads of zombies. His gauntlet style gloves are made from leather over cut resistant Kevlar liner. Along with Kevlar lined gloves, his chest plate and arm guards are also made from high density Kevlar. Specter wears Ellwood Metal Toe Guards, metal shields covering the toe section of his boots. The toe guards are useful for kicking in the skulls of crawling zombies, while protecting his feet from falling debris. For reasons known only to Specter, he wears a plane white Halloween mask.

Journal Entry: September 18th, 2015
I am beginning this journal in the hopes that if I don't make it maybe others will know what happened. I am risking my own life while writing this journal because I should not be sitting in the same place for too long. There has not been much activity so I'll take my time to write as much as I can for now.
I'll start with how it all began and how we ended up living in a world filled with flesh-eating zombies. My name is Kyle Marshall, but most people call me Specter (a name I had since my days as an Army Ranger). I was not there at the beginning, but I gathered information from some people that were there. It all began several years ago with a few scientists. They were looking for a cure for cancer and succeeded, but at a price. It is sort of fitting that mankind would be the cause of its own down fall. The cure was designed to target and attack cancer cells. Cancer cells are dead cells that continue to regenerate, so they can not be destroyed. Instead, the scientists found a way to revive the cells.
The cure worked in lab test isolated cells. After the success with the lab tests, the scientists began testing human subjects. All test subjects had volunteered because they had one other choice, death. The test subjects were selected because of their low mortality rate. If the test was unsuccessful, it would not matter to them. Several subjects did die after the cure was administered... What was that? I've been here to long and I think that my location is compromised. I need to move out before they discover my position.

Journal Entry: September 24th, 2015
It has been several days since I left the last location and as I suspected, zombies had begun to move on my location. I had some close calls and narrowly escaped. Now back to the story. Several subjects died but not because of the cure. A few hours after death the doctors discovered that the bodies came back to life. This was the curse of the cure. Since the cure was created to reanimate dead cancer cells, it could not identify the difference between dead human cells and cancers cells. The cure reanimated all dead cells, creating the first zombies.
This initial outbreak was contained, or at least it was believed to be contained. Some of the people working at the hospital were bitten by the reanimated corpses. No body was aware of a problem, however. No one knew that the cure had become an infection which was spread to those bitten. At first it was nothing. There were complaints of irritation at the wound. Later people started to become nauseous and began vomiting. Eventually they developed flu like symptoms followed by death. This took about 24 hours after been bitten. Like those who died and came back to life before, these newly infected also came back to life.
The outbreaks began small; no one was prepared though for what was going to follow. Hospitals were the first place to be over run. Police officers tried to stop the problem but they were ineffective. Besides trying to stop reanimated corpses, they also had to deal with looters. Eventually law enforcement and social order fell. The president declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard and Army to combat the outbreak. Soldiers would stare in horror as a mob of dead bodies lumbered to them. In one area a soldier could not fire upon the mob when he saw a child in the group. The child was an eight year old girl. She was missing her right arm and most of her face, but continued toward the soldiers. The command orders had been to shoot on site, but the soldier could not fire upon the little girl. Eventually the military fell and so did the government.
I need to move on again. The only way to survive is to keep moving. I'll continue this journal when I find a safe place again. If not, I don't want to even think about that.

Journal Entry: October 12th, 2015
Since I am still alive, I'll continue this journal. I haven't been able to write for some time. The last few places that I was in had become overrun with in mere minutes. It is becoming harder to find a safe hide away.
Many people wonder why no cure was made for the infection, but the problem is that the cause was a cure. Most times cures are made to fight infection, but cures are not made for cures. No body knew that the cure would become a disease. There was no antidote and no end in site to this plague.
Once law enforcement, military and the government fell many people started organizing into pseudo communities. Eventually these communities were attacked. Not just by infected zombies, but by bands of nomadic scavengers. Who would know that this was the only way to survive though? We learned that safety came with travel. One group had believed that they could outlast a group of zombies. They had holed up in an old mall. After several weeks their food supplies ran out. What began with only a few hundred zombies had escalated to thousands. Pretty soon the mall was over run and all the people inside were killed.
Some people believe that zombies can be killed if shot in the head. This is a myth created by Hollywood films. The truth is that they are already dead and so is the brain. Shooting or destroying the head will only slow them down not kill them. There have been rumors that survivors are living up north near the arctic. It is believed that there is no infected in the area, but the problem is getting there.

Survival means moving. You can't stay in the same place for long. You can't out wait zombies. They are relentless and do not stop. With that it is time for me to get moving again. Remember, Keep moving! Do Not Stay in the same area for too long!

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