Head: RoC Storm Shadow with sculpted mask
Upper Body: RoC Reactive armor Duke
Lower Body: RoC Cobra commander+spacer
Arms/upper legs: RoC Elite Viper
Lower legs: RoC Neo Viper
Feet: RoC Accelerator Snails
Codpiece/back: RoC Elite Viper
Boosters: Any lightsaber hilts attached with screws

"A man with a second chance, returned from the grave, and chosen by the lightning. With power far beyond that of a normal man Casshern is an enigma of science. His body ripples with strength so great he can cleave metal with his hands and run with the speed of bullets. While fighting against the Neo Sapiens Casshern learned that you cannot escape the sins of the past; only atone for them. Now he uses his powers to help those in need and bring peace to the world."

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