Head, Bag, and Neckerchief-ROC Walmart Exclusive Tunnel Rat
The Rest-ROC Shipwreck

Had a bunch of parts laying around from the figures I've been working on. It's been like 3 years since I've submitted any customs to the site. I've been having a bit of difficulty finding parts that fit together and heads that fit properly on necks and all that. I originally planned on using this body to make a Breaker figure, but that didn't work, then I was thinking about using it as my self custom, BLOCKBUSTER, but didn't like that either. So I just put the Tunnel Rat head on the body and it looked okay, maybe a little high, but once the neckerchief was on it wasn't very noticeable. A little paint mixing and he was done. This is how I envisioned Tunnel Rat if he was in the movie.

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