Head: Leatherneck v3

Arms: Dial Tone

Torso: Lift Ticket

Lower Half: Captain Grid Iron

Backpack: Big Ben

Gun: ?

Blain is a good ol' boy full of swagger and spit and you know the rest. He'll go into hell and not bat an eye. He'll laugh at the devil and piss on his grave when he's through with him.

Yes this is the Blain who later was commissioned by the CIA and Joe brass to re-team with Dutch and the gang in the South American Jungles on a covert op that went horribly wrong.

Originally I was gonna call this guy 'Jack Daniels', but then as i made plans to make a 'Blain' I realized that Blain just really works for this head, and that although I still plan to make a Predator version of him, this would be Blain in another time, another mission.

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