Head-ROC Pit Commando with Sculpy
The Rest-ROC TRU Firefly

BLOCKBUSTER is a former Dreadnok who actually crossed over. Committing crimes starting at age 12, BLOCKBUSTER continued his checkered adolescence until the age of 18 when he was forced into a decision, join the Army or go to jail. BLOCKBUSTER opted for the Army, where he not only learned how to make things blow up, he learned how much he enjoy the rush of killing. Like a machine, no remorse, no regret. BLOCKBUSTER was court martialed from the service and sent to United States Disciplinary Barracks for dealing drugs amongst other charges. During his time in, he learned of a growing gang of bikers called the Dreadnoks. Upon release, he traveled to the everglades to find these bikers and was given admission to the gang. On one assignment, BLOCKBUSTER crossed paths with the G.I. Joe agent named FIRECRACKER and the 2 began a tryst that nearly cost them both their lives. With FIRECRACKER acting as his conscious as well as his sponsor, BLOCKBUSTER somehow managed to become a part of the G.I. Joe team. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Dreadnoks has proven very beneficial for the G.I. Joe team. Actually, figured if I was gonna make one for Tiff, I had to do one for me too!

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