Head - S.E. Single Pack wave 1
Torso - Lady Jay Spy Troops
Arms, Legs - Scarlet -VvV Single Pack

Catt is a bit of a mystery, not much is known about her. Its said that she is last of the students from the Arashikage Clan that spawned Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Tiger Claw. She spends most of her time in meditation and the rest sparing with Master Snake Eyes, Tiger Claw and Kamakura.

She has some of the fastest reflexes known to the Joes, rumor has it that she knocked out both Jinx and Scarlet during a two on one sparing match. It's also rumored that she bested Kamakura in a sword fight.

Catt is indeed a mystery but her quickness and stealth makes her the perfect addition to the Force Five team.

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