-Head - 25th Serpentor
-Torso- Trigate creations
-The rest- ROC heavy duty
-Helmet ROC ripcord delta 6 suit
-Weapons- Trigate creations

I made this custom, as a part of a project for reactivate the vintage battle force 2000, but with new soldiers, vehicles and modern hi-tech, weapons.

I always liked the Salvo figure, in fact its one of my favorites, and I choose him for the leader of the new Battle Force 2020.

I started the job cutting the lower lens of the delta 6 suit helmet. It has a similar design to Salvos vintage helmet, but with a future style.

The rest of the job, was painting the figure with grey and silver colors, and gave him dirty and shadows effects.

The last step was cover the figure with a flat clear finish.

As a result of the job, I have a nice figure for my collection with great range of motion.

Check my other customs for more members of the Battle Force 2020 and Wolf squad, coming soon.

Thanks for looking. Enjoy!!

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