-RoC Attack on Pit Baroness body and hand guns
-RoC Flash head
-RoC Camo's Scarlett short sword
-RoC Reactive Armor Scarlett Harness
-RoC Cover Girl gun
-Black paint to cover the silver Cobra logo and gold belt buckle...need to repaint those, as the black color differance isn't visable to the naked eye, but it showed up on camera...

It's Jinx from the DDP am I supposed to stretch this to 100 characters? Okay she looks like a dominatrix but its is a cool costume, and I like it people are suggesting I grab an Indiana Jones figure and give her a whip...I might as a gag. I'm also planning another figure off a similar take on the Baroness, Flash mold but I need some more parts for it, its a take on a lesser known character

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