Delta 6 ripcord arms-legs-head
Halo 3 Master Chief Head ( dremeled out) helmet
and Chest ( dremeled out ) for chest armor
Trigate creations Futuristic Trooper/Soldier

Master Chief's log
12 12, 2019
After the asteroid Zeta 9 crashed, both cobra and the Joe team joined forces. The planets surface was barely livable. Most who survived moved underground.
The combined force known as COG "Combined Operations Group" moved into space to defend themselves against the mechanical threat.
The mechanical threat was started by cobra. Cobra commander found that the Joes were working on a satellite with wormhole technology. It would be used to open worm hole for travel. Cobra had a different idea. The Commander sent a squad of BATS lead by destro to capture the satellite. Flint and lady-jay were sent to defend. A battle insued and breaker from the pit was able to activate the satellites AI. It was a bad day after that. The AI saw the BATS primative programming and rewrote it using the BATS to defend itself. The satellite saw Destro, Flint, lady-jay and all of human kind as a threat. Lady -jay was able to disable the satellites long range comm-system and that is what kept it from taking over the world's computer systems. The satellite defended its self by traveling through a worm hole 26 light years away it took Destro, Flint, and lady-jay with it. Flint and lady jay were quickly overtaken by the BATS and in a last ditch attempt Flint took a grenade and put it between him and lady-jay and pulled the pin they felt a quick death was better than dyeing of o2 loss. Destro pleaded with the satellite to spare him and he was whiling to give up everything and share with the machine everything he knew. The satellite agreed.
Soon after finding an asteroid for a base the satellite had the BATs attack Destro and takeover his body the satellite used the BATs mechanics to enter Destro body and it took over his mind. Destro and the satellite was now one.

5 years went by and both Joes and Cobra forces kept up the fight. Both mourned the passing of there comrades. On OCT 2nd of 2014 a planet killer asteroid named delta 9 came out of a worm hole. It devastated most of the planet. The planets population went from 6 billion to 100 million in about 1 hour after the impact. The rest of the survivors went underground. Both the Joe team and cobra took some heavy losses; cobra commander and storm shadow were killed in the impact. Duke and general Hawk approached the baroness, major blood and DR. Mindbender to work together to defend what was left of the planet from the New threat.

The new combined force known as COG quickly set up defenses and worked to build underground cities. It was about five years now the year 2019 and we haven't heard from the satellite or had an asteroid incident until our out post on Mars went silent. We sent a full armada to Mars to see what happened. There was only on man left alive. A tech named "Bishop". In Bishop debriefing he called the attack, "a plague that walked on two legs and had acid for blood".

Then our Moon base went silent.

Were are in Route

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