Sigma 6 Beav is...

Head - modded Deepsix ori. Longrange
torso, feet - Temple tracker Spirit
lower arms and hands - firefly (cobra)
lower legs - arctic Snakeeyes
holster - Duke v1
gun - jungle camo Longrange

Venomized head - Over the hedge Hammy Pez

Ultimately the Sigma line is dead and I am it's zombie lord.

This custom was done for Custom Celebration IV
Not wanting to be left out of this year's, I decided that Beav needed a Sigma form.

I based his sigma suit on his own Joe-verse version of himself, armored black and blue modded the s6 logo to a JC, then to add some flare to the mix, venomized him with a beaver. Modded the neck for easy swap out of the heads.

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