Head: Beach Head

Arms: ? (modified with BBI grenade)

Torso: Rampart

Lower Half: Tundra Stalker

Gun: Slaughter's Mauraders

Samhain strikes without warning and destroys the innocent in his quest of apparent madness. Not much is known of him or his purpose. He strikes fear in all, the mention of his name even makes the hardened likes of Destro squirm. When concerning Samhain no one is safe.

He often will blow up schools and hospitals in his wake, whether to cause a general unease or for a specific purpose, most are unaware, any 'demands' are not made public and atleast to this point have not been revealed.

He leaves Celtic symbols where he strikes revolving around the holiday of Samhain which in Celtic tradition is the coming of the end of summer and the festival of the dead, where it is believed the old Celtic tribes would sacrifice animals and children in offerings to the Celtic Gods.

Inspired by Halloween III: The Season of the Witch, one of my fav's, and in particular Conal Cochran's chilling little monologue about the festival of Samhain which is tied into Michael Myer's character in Halloween II, where Michael writes 'Samhain' in blood on the wall of the school he goes to in search of Laurie, and leads hints into Michael's purpose.

Gather around ghosts an goblins for the big giveaway, Halloween is right around the corner!

Samhain might be coming to pay you a visit.

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