25th Zartan Body
25th Serpentor Head

DtC Saw-Viper Helmet & Machinegun
25th Zartan Knife
Saw-Viper backpack (Modified to fit onto 25th Buzzer backpack)

You wouldn't believe how much effort I put into this guy. The first time I struggled for like a week to get his torso apart for painting... only to end up mangling his body in the process. I had to find ANOTHER Zartan, and paint him up fully constructed, which considering how Goopy that shade of Crimson I used is... is a substantial pain in the tush. Even now, that paint still likes to chip off (making me wish I'd went with Red w/ Crimson highlights).

Thought the pick mirroring the events in Issue 109 (or rather 110's cover) would be a nice touch. Though I know it's inaccurate... you'll have to forgive me for being unable to get a Crank Case or Quick Kick, or for finding a close-to-desert setting.

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