Head: Countdown 89
Chest: Backblast 89
Arms: Sure Fire
Waist: Mutt 84
Thighs: Blizzard 88
Feet: Mutt 84

Helmet: Salvo V1
Bazooka: World Peacekeepers
Backpack: Hardball

Code name: Zap
File Name: Melendez, Rafael J
P.M.S: Anti-armor specialist
S.M.S: Combat engineer
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Grade: E-6
S.N: 633-98-RJ44

Zap is the second figure in the GI Joe toy line that hasn't been in a unit apart from Super Sonic Fighters & even that was rubbish to me. So I thought I would put the figure into my own Beach-Head's Brigade team & the figure looks really good. I'm unable to get my hands on the original Zap but got the Super Sonic Fighters one which I found at a boot fair in good shape. It might need some more black paint on the arms.

General Hawk files:
The first Anti-armor specialist that came to mind was Zap because he is cool under pressure & stands his ground who else would do that in the heat of battle when you have a few Cobra tanks casing you down that can open them up like a tin can. Well Beach-Head asked for him personally to join Beach-Head's Brigade and two days later Zap said yes. From what I've heard Grunt, Iceblast & Zap make a dangerous group out on the battlefield, Grunt on the left, Zap in the middle & Iceblast on the right.

Other members to join Beach-Head's Brigade
Sorepoint (sniper)
Short-Fuze or Downtown (mortars)
Dogtags (combat medic)
Steeler (tank commander)
Iceblast (rifleman)
Fizzle (demolition)
Backblast (air defense artillery)
Rush-Hour (Urban assault)

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