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Head: General Flagg

Arms: Footloose ?

Torso: Backblast

Waist: Slipstream

Top Legs: Flint

Lower Legs: Recondo

Backpack/parachute: Ripcord

Gun: Stalker

Filename: Smith, John

Remaining file sealed.

John Smith or Hannibal as he is known, is part of, and leader of, a rag tag group of Army Special Forces unit known as the A team, that towards the end of the Vietnam war was charged of a crime they did not commit, and went on the run, eluding the military police.

This version of Hannibal is before he became Lt. Colonel of the A team, when he was just a grunt.

He would go on later in life to gain some pounds, develop a penchance for cigars and whiskey, and become a bit of a rebel, a cut up, dissillusioned with his Government and his Army.

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