Head: Beach Head V2 1993
Torso, arms, upper legs, gun: Resolute Duke
Kneepads, lower legs: 25th Airborne
Belt, holsters: 25th Stalker, modified
Web gear: VvV Snake Eyes '05

I always liked this sculpt, and the weird head and face, but it never felt like Beach-Head. Still, I had a couple old figures laying around so I went for an update. The Resolute Duke body is a solid base body and I enjoyed painting it up to match the old colors. The holsters and belt were easy to modify, though I chose to keep the main rifle black and silver instead of bright yellow! The V23 Snake Eyes vest was perfect and it's removable, like the belt. All in all a fun project but instead of Beach-Head my wife suggested calling him "Mallard"?!?!

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