Head, Lower Legs: 25th Anniversary Shockblast
Torso, arms, thighs: Resolute Comic Pack Destro
Vest, helmet: 25th Ace

Energon Vipers serve as maintenance technicians for Decepticons as part of the Cobra/Decepticon Alliance. E-Vipers are trained as both Toxo Vipers and Techno Vipers and perform a wide variety of functions, all geared towards repairing and refueling Decepticons in their ongoing battle with GI Joe and the Autobots. The volatile nature of the Energon Cubes combined with the volatile nature of some Decepticons makes the job of Energon Viper one of the most hazardous jobs in all of Cobra.
"I can't imagine what runs through the mind of an E-Viper as they work on a Decepticon. Those freaky glowing cubes could blow up at any minute, or some 40-foot tall robot could suddenly take exception to the way you recalibrated his internal gyros and squash you like a bug, it just ain't worth the extra hazard pay!"

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