Head: Hulk Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky (modified)
Torso: NS Swamp Rat
Arms, Waist: NS Dr. Link Talbot
Legs: NS Dusty (modified)
Chest harness: 25A Iron Grenadier


There are some characters that haven't made their way into official Hasbro plastic yet. Dr. Knox, the Soft Master, a slew of Devil's Due characters.. and Billy. Hasbro even teased us a bit by dropping Billy onto the background of some packaging from a few years back- but still no figure has materialized. There are two versions of Billy that come to mind: child Billy in Cobra Youth uniform and grown up Billy in a Joe uniform. The young version doesn't seem very interesting, but the Devil's Due version was pretty cool.

There have been some amazing 25A/ROC versions of Billy recently, so I didn't see any need to tread in that direction. Instead, I went with all NS parts. The proportions a bit wonky, but that keeps with the spirit of the NS figures. The Tim Roth head works well, though the neck/collar had to be reworked to look correct on the Swamp Rat torso. The eye socket was filled with epoxy to make the eyepatch.

This is mostly a modified DD version of Billy, but without any acknowledgment of the robotic arm/leg parts.

Colors & paint:

I stuck with the black sweater/green trousers look seen in the DD comics. My original plan was to paint the chest armor silver and drop the Arashikage logo on it, but I liked the all black look better.


In addition to the work on the head/neck, the pouches on the legs were sculpted.

Thanks for looking.

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